Extending its commitment to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, Oracle is announcing the availability of new UX One features, customer-driven ERP enhancements adding to modern digital solutions, and legislative and localization updates.

1. UX One Usef Experience. UX One Analytic Components provide real-time, transactional information to JD Edwards end users in an intuitive and graphical format. Users are able to visually analyze current business conditions and more easily identify problems that need attention. Navigation from the Analytic Components allows users to quickly take action.

2. Mobile Employee Time Entry. A Mobile Employee Time Entry phone application is now available for employees to easily capture, review, and submit their time whether they are in the office or at the job site.

3. Delivered Notifications. JD Edwards has delivered 35 EnterpriseOne notifications that will make it easier to quickly adopt this new functionality and bring immediate business value to our customers. Users can subscribe to these notifications as is; notification designers can personalize them for your unique use cases; or they can be used to seed new ideas for notifications for your specific business needs.  f.ex.
Customers on Credit  Hold or Exceeding their Credit Limit.
Overdue invoices.
Priority Orders that  are late.

4. Orchestrator. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator continues to provide significant functionality for automating EnterpriseOne transactions and interfacing with external systems. The following recent enhancements to Orchestrator further expand its capabilities:
Process Recorder allows a user to create a form service simply by recording the step-by-step actions directly in the EnterpriseOne applications.
File Transer r allows an orchestration step to move a file to a given location.

5. New possibilities for personalizing  JDE screens:
Adding Business View Column to EnterpriseOne Inquiry Only Forms.
Personalization of Menu Exits.

More information is  available in this press release.

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